Turbo Dismount

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Turbo Dismount Turbo Dismount online is one of the most fun racing games. Players run in several laps around deadly tracks that are filled with power-ups and ramps that allow. With Turbo dismount you push the stickman down a ladder into a trolley or a child's car. The more the garbage man gets damaged, the more points you earn. With these points you can buy new cars, bombs and features. You can even buy new places and places. You start the game with 2000 points. Buy new vehicles and places with these points. There are buttons on the bottom of the screen. With PREW POSE you can go to the market with previous location, NEXT POSE next location, VEHICLES and buy new features. With VIEW you can see the entire screen. Press the START button and push the garbage man down to play turbo dismount.


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