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Yeti Sensation If a Yeti Sensation is real or a fiction and a bullshit the scientists were broken by arguing head and hoarse. If many do not belong to the most unbelieving, there is doubt about the existence of legendary humanoid creatures, legends and hero stories, everything go into the explainable and understandable virtual world. Bigfoot can even give an open answer - even from what I lent, red-haired heads raised in the head of the feet, introduced to the cute character. We recently saw a colorful Bigfoot, when he decided to leave the ice cave, where he is located. Located on the Arata- nearby road, the strawberry fragrant smell of blowing out made. Large cold truck carrying a significant load of fruits and vegetables, the door opened and a couple of blackberry boxes fell on the road. Yeti Sensation rushed to collect the strawberries until it was completely frozen, but then began to hunt in bad, total. Amateur crowds and professional hunters are fighting traps and obstacles, stop the wild animals escaping to boast of rare hunting first trophies and try to catch him alive. Let the criminals set up the trap, run the extent of Vkusnyashek, prevent the chance to help the pile of trees, rocks and other obstacles that can be avoided and delicately gathered around the ice. Do not try to be friends with your hero and just kindness, he will probably appreciate and give you a special interview. Control the mouse with a nice bypass barriers making, baked beans, but also collect bonuses only useful. If you take a rocket, it will not interfere, it will allow the hero to shoot a jet speed without grid boxes, covering the way. Beware of the radioactive waste used to jump to hazardous areas, run into the barrel filled with snowman, red button. Collected berries, you can exchange a variety of useful products: helmets, hammers, casual shoes, stylish shorts and a quite creature turn into a savage creature.


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