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Mine Clone 3

Mine Clone 3 You have the freedom to shape the world using your imagination in our name game. Just put your own rules and start the game. Mine Clone 3 is the third version of the fun Minecraft clone. As in previous games, you have the chance to create and shape the world around you. In the beginning, you will produce the place where you started your journey on the world. In this survival block game, you can choose the game mode, map size, day length, and the type of world you want to play. Your goal is to survive under all circumstances and in every circumstance in a world full of spooky enemies that pass by in the night. Collect useful resources to create what you want and to protect your creatures. Do not hesitate to use your imagination and rearrange the world as you please. Enjoy Mine Clone 3!


WASD or arrow keys to control the player’s movement
Opening inventory I
Left click to destroy an object
Right click to place an object
To open the P