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Ninja Cat

The Cat Ninja seems to be very docile and charming at first glance. Lakin is not everything as seen. Because it is a very fighter soul, there is a feature to divide everything that comes in front of a single hammer into 2 pieces. He also wants your help to do this in the best possible way. If you agree to help her, you will have to do what we say. Controls will also be given to overcome the stages because you will only use the Mouse. If you pass it, you’ll never win. So you have to try not to make mistakes. If you start to buy fruits, gold, diamonds, you can change your own charmer later and you can pay your money to learn new movements. Because she left her training for being free. In the country where he lived almost all the citizens are owed. But now this miserable life can be saved and it can start a whole new beautiful life. Of course you have to do it on your behalf. I prefer to see things in different ways like me. People who are the target of giving you a price do not succeed to win, they win to achieve it. If you are so, you can pass all the parts. I would like to give you a good advice from the site of the gun games again. If you happen to be just yourself, then I suggest you figure it out.