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Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics, this match is quite different. Moreover, you have the opportunity to play this game with your friends. For all this, start the game as soon as possible. After we start playing, we find ourselves in a small football field. There are 4 players and 2 castles. All we have to do is to check the two of the footballers at the same time by constantly clicking on the top button and throwing goals in the opponent’s goal. If we succeed in scoring 5 goals before our opponent, we will be able to win the fight. Then click on the Rematch button to start a new match. This is the general logic of the game. But if you want to spend more enjoyable minutes, click on the 2 player options on the main screen and fight against your friends. So if you win the game, your friend will have a fight against you. In case of playing the game for two persons, the second person controls the soccer players with the W key. We wish success in the game of physics football.