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Temple Run Oz

A huge wave arrived right on you, run away !!! Run as fast as you can to escape the giant wave of The Temple Run Oz: the next wave! The hero of this game runs alone but it’s up to you to help him jump with the Space key or by clicking with the mouse, it’s up to you. If you hold the key or click in the air, you can deploy your wings for a few moments, but beware it is very limited (indicated by the bar at the top left). With a little skill and a lot of reflexes, you can go far, and it’s good because the goal is to go as far as possible by collecting a maximum of stones!

Click LEFT on PLAY GAME then on a character and a color. Click LEFT on START RUNNING and press the SPACE key on the keyboard to start the game. Survive the lava torrent by pressing the LEFT button on the MOUSE repeatedly to jump.