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Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount online is one of the most fun racing games. Players run in several laps around deadly tracks that are filled with power-ups and ramps that allow players to perform stunt jumps. Ride along the beach and compete with other riders, wow, how cool! Welcome to the coolest bike race in the world and be our champion roller coaster race! Use the up arrow or W-key to accelerate and brake by pressing the down arrow key or S key! You can drive your bike by pressing the left and right arrow keys or use the A and D keys! Nitrous gas can give you a big boost (press the N key to use the power and remember, you can not always do the trick as it takes time to charge!) Only the qualifying position can give you a place in the next round and the higher rank you, the more you win (do not forget to upgrade using the money)! You can use the ramps to make the Airborne and earn more points and press the M key to do the freestyle when you’re on the air! (But you can not drive when you do the trick!) Take good care of your bike and stay on track! This awesome Flash Racer Coaster game is brought to you with great pleasure by our super awesome website templerun2onlinex.com!